Nora Patterson PortraitA Strong and Sustainable Economy – The sharp economic downturn that we are experiencing highlights the need to develop strategies to strengthen and diversify our economy so that it is not so heavily dependent on residential construction and development.  While new residents will continue to be attracted to this wonderful area, and should be welcomed, we should also seek to find ways to make this area attractive to new businesses and services, capitalizing on our unique assets.  We are fortunate to have internationally acclaimed educational institutions in New College and the Ringling College of Art and Design.  Mote Marine is a premier research facility that has strategic connections with The University of South Florida.  Our outstanding cultural and educational resources give us a unique competitive edge in attracting and nurturing businesses based on intellectual as well as traditional capital.  I will work with our business, financial and governmental leaders to develop a strategic plan for smart growth for the next decade and do my best to implement it.

Neighborhoods - Nora Patterson knows that people have chosen their neighborhoods with great care for specific qualities. County government should protect those qualities through stable and dependable zoning, through strong code enforcement and through neighborhood enhancements like sidewalks, street trees and parks. Nora supports neighborhood generated planning efforts and will work hard for strong, fair code enforcement and well-maintained neighborhood amenities.

Environment - Protecting the environment is important in preserving the quality of life in Sarasota County. Nora has supported the voters’ purchase of environmentally sensitive land, park land and the trading or purchase of development rights to preserve open space, natural beauty and the environmental quality of Sarasota County.  She will continue to support effective and efficient planning and conservation measures that respect property rights and produce solid environmental results for all to enjoy.

Public Safety - Public safety is of the highest importance in funding government services. Nora Patterson will work for prioritized funding for public safety to provide effective manpower in the Sheriffs’ department.  She will continue to support programs like Teen Court which provide better alternatives while protecting public safety.

At a time when communities all over Florida are experiencing serious challenges from our substantial economic difficulties, it is more important than ever to have experienced and sensible leaders.  Nora Patterson has demonstrated that she has the intelligence, integrity, and experience that Sarasota County needs.  Nora and John have made Sarasota their home for 39 years.  Nora has served on the Sarasota County Commission for over 12 years.  Previously she served on the Sarasota City Commission including a term as Sarasota Mayor. She has been a business-person, investor and teacher.  She understands budgeting and finances and the necessity for government to adjust its expenses in the face of declining revenues.  She loves the outdoors and understands our environment.  Nora has served as President or Director of numerous non-profit organizations and knows her community.  

NORA PATTERSON is a positive force on the Sarasota County Commission.  She will continue to work for a county-wide plan for economic diversity and vitality and sustainability for neighborhoods, sensible planning, and careful use of taxpayer dollars. Learn More at SCGOV.NET