Nora Patterson PortraitDear Friends,

I am taking down my political web page after my run for the Florida Senate but would like to leave you a message in its place.

For those who do not know me, I am Nora Patterson. My husband John and I moved to Sarasota County in 1970 after he and I graduated from Duke University. I earned a BA in Psychology and also a graduate degrees from the University of Florida while John attended law school. We, like many of you, came here for the area’s climate, natural beauty, and the warm and friendly people. I’ve been a teacher, owned and operated a successful plant nursery and garden center business. I am a former Sarasota County Commissioner and Sarasota City Commissioner, and in 2015 after deciding to retire from politics for a while, I entered the race for the Florida State Senate, District 23. This district includes Sarasota County and the western part of Charlotte County.

While I ran a competitive race and enjoyed a lot of help, an enormous amount of money was spent by others at the end of the contest and ultimately I lost the Republican primary. I am very grateful to all those who helped me during a long and sometimes acrimonious campaign. It was wonderful to have your support. Today, I serve on several nonprofit boards as I have in the past, and I will be looking for opportunities to help make our county, our region and our state an even better place to live.

I am very proud of my record of 24 years of public service and the reputation I earned as a fiscal watchdog. In past years I owned my own business and learned how to make tough decisions, treat people fairly, negotiate good deals and earn a living. Like you, I invested my money and tried to do so wisely. While serving on the Sarasota County Commission we were able to cut property tax rates and effect long awaited transportation improvements. I am also an enthusiastic supporter of our excellent park system, library system and the purchase of environmentally important lands.

I plan to continue to be a positive force in the community and to help when I can to get positive things done. I believe that most of you, like me, want your state and local governments to spend your money wisely for things like transportation, public safety, infrastructure, education and other essentials and not intrude into your lives or pocketbooks any more than necessary. We live in a wonderful community with caring and generous people. It has been my privilege to serve in elective office and to have made a great many friends who feel as I do that there is still much to be done.


Nora Patterson
[email protected]